Mike "Cuckoo" Kloch

Chief Instructor Pilot and Director of SafetyMike Kloch - Chief Instructor Pilot at Advanced Flight Dynamics

Mike Kloch is a former Marine Corps F/A-18 pilot, combat veteran and school trained Aviation Safety Officer (Naval Postgraduate School). Mike has an Airline Transport Pilot rating and CFI / CFII / MEI instructor qualifications. He also volunteers as an FAA Safety Team (FAAST) Representative. Mike has a Bachelors of Science degree from Oregon state University and 2 AAS Aviation degrees from Central Oregon Community College. He is also Commercial and Instrument rated in helicopters with NVG qualifications. Mike has high performance, complex, high altitude, and tailwheel endorsements.
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David "Ranch" Robinson

Advanced Flight Dynamics CEO & Flight Instructor

David Robinson - CEO at Advanced Flight DynamicsDavid Robinson is an aviation enthusiast who prides himself on his dedication to aviation safety and the continued pursuit of knowledge. David attended the University of Central Missouri, graduating in 2005 with a B.S. in Aviation Technology with a focus as a professional pilot. A commercial, multi-engine and instrument rated pilot, as well as Certified Flight Instructor; David has been flying since September, 1999 and has accumulated over 5,000 hours of flying experience in a wide array of opportunities. In that time he has flown over 100 types of aircraft from light single, multi-engine, turbo-prop, and jet aircraft. For over 5 years as the primary founder and partner of Elite Pilot Services, Inc., David's focus has been on flight testing and instruction in experimental aircraft. With over 1,500 hours of flight instruction given, he is a knowledgeable and motivated flight instructor who works well with pilots of all levels of accomplishment and flying experience.
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Sean "Junior" VanHatten

CFI & Upset Recovery, Spin Training, & Aerobatics Instructor

Sean VanHatten - Flight Instructor at AFDSean soloed in a Citabria at 17 and acquired his private while still in high school. Sean then attended Central Oregon Community College where he received his AAS in Aviation. Sean has a BS in Physics from Oregon State University and has worked as a banner tow pilot flying Cubs. He is also an active aerobatic competitor in the Intermediate category flying a Pitts S-1S. In 2014, he was the northwest regional points leader and placed third in Sportsman flying an Extreme Decathlon at the US National Aerobatic Championships. Sean has an Airline Transport Pilot rating and CFI certificates with two type ratings, Sean has flown over 80 different types of aircraft in a wide variety of flight operations, and he also has experience building and maintaining custom aerobatic airplanes.
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Dani Hebner

Office Manager

Dani Hebner - Office Manager, Queen of Everything at AFDAlso referred to as "The Queen of Everything," Dani is AFD's Office Manager. Dani has over 20 years of accounting, customer service and administrative experience. Dani has several years of experience working for aviation companies, such as Elite Pilot Services, a sister company to AFD.
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AFD Policies, Terms, and Limitations


Weight: maximum of 240 lbs. and minimum of 100 lbs. (parachute limits). We must be able to have full range of the control stick and be able to attach the 5-point harness in order to fly. A person who is near the weight limit but significantly less than the maximum height may have an issue with this. Please call to discuss further if this may be an issue.

Height: maximum of 6'6" (If 6'6" or taller contact AFD to see if we can accommodate you).

Age: minimum of 15 years old.

Physical limits: must be in good health and be able to physically get in and out of aircraft without assistance. Consult your physician with any concerns. Nausea medication is acceptable if you have consulted with a physician concerning the use of such a product as a passenger aboard an aerobatic airplane.

Language: must be fluent in English.


Payment Methods: Cash, Visa, MasterCard, AmEx, and Certified Funds. No personal checks.


If a customer becomes airsick which results in extensive airplane and equipment cleanup and/or a delay in excess of 10 minutes, a $40 cleaning fee will be charged to the customer. In-flight video is provided to customer courtesy of AFD at no extra charge. Customer is eligible to a maximum refund of $10 if video equipment does not function correctly during the flight.

Customers are expected to be at the AFD facility 5 minutes prior to their scheduled time and is solely the responsibility of the customer.

Any special training needs must specified when booking the flight(s).

AFD reserves the right to refuse service to anyone


Fouga-CM-170-Magister Training - AFD

Fouga CM-170 Magister
The Fouga is a French made military trainer jet. The Fouga is easily recognized by its V-tail and is one of the rare jets that is approved for intentional spins. With a top speed of .82 Mach and a ceiling of 40,000 feet this jet is great for UPRT, spin, and formation training. Its also just plane fun!

ACA Super Decathlon 8KCAB Training - AFD

ACA Super Decathlon (8KCAB)
The Decathlon is an excellent aerobatic airplane that is easy to fly. Our 1997 Super Decathlon provides the pilot with an excellent platform for learning upset recovery techniques and aerobatics.

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