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Learn to safely fly aerobatics with AFD. It's a lot of fun and it will make you a better pilot.

Basic Aerobatics Training

Aerobatics is about precision, proper energy management and all-attitude awareness. As an aerobatic-trained pilot you will gain a better understanding of airplane aerodynamics and control, especially with relation to Angle of Attack (AoA). Once a pilot has the proper training they will be able to enjoy a lifetime of safe and extremely fun aerobatics.

Completion of an AFD UPRT course is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED before starting aerobatic training.

Aerobatic training in AFD's Super Decathlon: $350 per hour, instructor included.

Aerobatic ground instruction: $90 per hour

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CFI Spin Endorsement

Training times: 4 hours of ground and 2 flights

Generally speaking, most CFI spin endorsements consist of little to no ground instruction and one flight with one spin to the left and one spin to the right. We at AFD find this to be highly inadequate. All CFIs need to have a solid understanding of spins and have proper training with spins and recoveries in order to enhance their safety as well as that of their students. Our training far exceeds the FAA standards for the spin training endorsement.

Commercial pilot license required and FAA Fundamentals of Instruction written test is highly encouraged.

Price: $1,090

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Tailwheel Training

Get your tailwheel endorsement with AFD.

The Super Decathlon is a great tailwheel trainer as it is very docile on the ground. Average time to endorsement is 6-10 hours (less if you have completed on of our UPRT courses). Airplane cost is $180 per hour plus $60 per hour for instructor.

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Jet Training

Learn to fly the CM-170 Fouga Magister!

AFD provides type rating training for the Fouga. Type rating requirements are 1000 flight hours and 500 PIC. Multi-engine rating required for the type rating.

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Formation Training

Formation flight is not something to learn on your own! Safely flying two or more aircraft in close proximity takes some practice and use of tested and approved techniques. With military and FAST trained instructors we can teach you the skills you need to enjoy safe, and fun!, formation flight.

We can provide formation training using our Decathlon and/or your own aircraft. The Decathlon cost is $350 per hour, instructor included. Our instructor in owner supplied aircraft instruction rate is $100 per hour.


Fouga-CM-170-Magister Training - AFD

Fouga CM-170 Magister
The Fouga is a French made military trainer jet. The Fouga is easily recognized by its V-tail and is one of the rare jets that is approved for intentional spins. With a top speed of .82 Mach and a ceiling of 40,000 feet this jet is great for UPRT, spin, and formation training. Its also just plane fun!

ACA Super Decathlon 8KCAB Training - AFD

ACA Super Decathlon (8KCAB)
The Decathlon is an excellent aerobatic airplane that is easy to fly. Our 1997 Super Decathlon provides the pilot with an excellent platform for learning upset recovery techniques and aerobatics.

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