AFD Now Offering Jet Upset Prevention and Recovery Training

Advanced Flight Dynamics (AFD) announces the issuance of an FAA Letter of Deviation Authority (LODA), allowing Jet Upset Prevention and Recovery Training in the Fouga Magister Jet aircraft and Xtreme Decathlon Aerobatic trainer. Upset Prevention and Recovery Training, or UPRT provides a way to train pilots, who may lack any previous aerobatic or military training, how to recover from inadvertent loss of control due to disorientation, weather events, or inadvertent aerodynamic stalls.

Although designed primarily for corporate, charter, and private jet pilots any pilot can benefit from UPRT, and all pilots are welcome into the program.

Advanced Flight Dynamics' UPRT has also been added to the Aviation Curriculum at Central Oregon Community College (COCC). COCC students receive 14 hours of ground school and nine flights in the Xtreme Decathlon. These flights are filmed, allowing students to watch their flight and their performance; aiding in critiquing, training and learning. The COCC course is taught by Chief Flight Instructor Mike Kloch, who is a former U.S.M.C. F/A-18 fighter pilot and combat veteran with advanced training in Aviation Safety. This training is a very unique feature for a community college aviation program, with the goal of achieving a higher level of safety through advanced training.

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AFD Speaks at Elite Pilot Services Training Event

Elite Pilot Services LogoAFD instructor Sean VanHatten spoke at the Elite Pilot Services Lancair Evolution Recurrent Training Event held in Charleston, South Carolina about Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT). Sean discussed the need for UPRT and what AFD can offer, including: UPRT in our Xtreme Decathlon, aerobatics training, formation training, and even jet UPRT and other training in AFD's 2 Fouga Magisters. The entire training event was a huge success and many customers were interested in the training AFD offers.

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AFD Speaks at Epic Odyssey Fly-In 2015 On Why GA Needs UPRT

Epic Aircraft LogoAdvanced Flight Dynamics Chief Instructor Pilot, Mike Kloch, spoke at Epic Aircraft's fly-in event located in Bend, Oregon. The event was for current and future Epic aircraft owners, covered a wide range of subjects and went from 24-27 September. Mike made the case for upset prevention and recovery training (UPRT), including general aviation mishap statistics and how loss of control inflight (LOC-I) kills more people in airplanes than the next five types of airplane mishaps combined.

"The majority of pilots flying have only trained to operate in a small percentage of the potential envelope," Mike said. "A normal category airplane's limits represent only 11 percent of the total potential envelope, and when a pilot is thrust into an unfamiliar portion of the envelope, their reactions are often incorrect due to the startle effect and lack of proper training."

It was an honor to get to speak to and socialize with such a great group of aircraft owners, thanks Epic.

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AFD Chosen as Training Provider for College Aviation Program

AFD is proud to announce that we have been chosen as the Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) provider for Central Oregon Community College's (COCC) Aviation program.

The COCC UPRT course will provide comprehensive upset training combined with spin training that is required to earn the spin endorsement required for CFI.

This training will prepare COCC airplane students to deal with airplane upset situations in all attitudes and to teach stall/spin awareness at a level of proficiency well beyond the national average.

Students will be able to start training with AFD during the Summer 2015 Term starting on June 22nd.

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Fouga-CM-170-Magister Training - AFD

Fouga CM-170 Magister
The Fouga is a French made military trainer jet. The Fouga is easily recognized by its V-tail and is one of the rare jets that is approved for intentional spins. With a top speed of .82 Mach and a ceiling of 40,000 feet this jet is great for UPRT, spin, and formation training. Its also just plane fun!

ACA Xtreme Decathlon 8KCAB Training - AFD

ACA Xtreme Decathlon (8KCAB)
The Decathlon is an excellent aerobatic airplane that is easy to fly. Our 2014 Xtreme model has 210 horsepower and a shortened wingspan that allows for a higher roll rate than earlier model Decathlons.

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